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Check out my first full length collection: The Cosmic Hello: Lessons in Co-Dependency

“…the hopeless romantic in me is loving the progression of vulgar, bitter-sweet poems to remembrances of love and hope for a future with it in it. I resonate with the author’s feeling of never fully being ok after a breakup. Feeling like a part of yourself is broken and can’t be fixed. This comes with the territory of serious committed relationships. But eventually, we get to a point where the scars that the last person left are washed away like names written in sand and you can feel love and be loved again.

I strongly recommend this book to poetry fans who like the brutal honesty of relationships and how to survive when one comes to an end.” – Erik McManus

New Collection: Islands and Men Available Now From Finishing Line Press


Individual Poems:

The Eunoia Review  (December 2016)

Anti-Heroin Chic  (November 2017)

The Paragon Journal (pg. 27-28)  (December 2017)

Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk (January 2018)

The Scarlet Leaf Review (April 2018)

The Inflectionist Review (May 2018)

Wizards in Space (June 2018)

The Stray Branch (October 2018)

The Literary Whip Podcast (November 2018)

Cathexis Northwest (November 2018)


Blogging and Articles:

The Reverse Scientific Method: Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Convincing
Published by: Politically Speaking  (January 2020)

How I Live Without You: How I Overcame Codependency And You Can Too
Published by: The Good Men Project   (Janauary 2020)

Trusting Someone New After You’ve Been Cheated On
Published by: The Good Men Project  (January 2020)

Why Do You Believe That?
Published by: The Philosopher’s Stone  (January 2020)


Music and Spoken Word

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